Message from the Dean

In 2019, SDSU Georgia held its inaugural Commencement Ceremony in the historic Rustaveli Theater, graduating the first cohort of STEM professionals. Our second Commencement Ceremony was held at the Palace of State Ceremonies for the 2020 and 2021 graduates. Despite the ongoing pandemic, our graduates and we at SDSU Georgia had a chance to share this milestone with our friends and supporters and send the next generation of STEM professionals off to a successful and vibrant future. This year, we are going back to the Rustaveli Theater to give our next group of 160 graduates a day to mark their next step, the commencement of their professional life out of college. We will once more be joined by a delegation from SDSU, headed by the President, Adela de la Torre, along with the Georgian Government, our donors, and partners to celebrate the SDSU spirit once again.

One of SDSU Georgia’s objectives was to improve human capital in critical STEM fields in Georgia. With the ardent support of all our friends and partners, we will have more than 500 STEM professionals at the end of 2023. These gifted professionals are the best manifestation of all our efforts and support. I look forward to sharing with our supporters the joy of seeing this new STEM generation commence the rest of their lives, and feel the pride of our contribution, as their names are called, and they walk off into their bright futures.

As a capacity building objective, SDSU has brought a novelty of ABET and ACS accreditation to Georgia. All programs transitioned to the Georgian public universities will meet SDSU standards for curriculum, faculty training, and accreditation. The notable success of Tbilisi State University in accrediting two of its programs has been since reflected in the increased international rankings. Ilia State University is now utilizing the new STEM building constructed through our partnership. All three partner universities are coordinating their efforts for the internationalization goals. SDSU and the three partners are also working to explore additional opportunities for the continued sustainability of the program achievements.

And finally, to our graduating class of 2022,

On behalf of the SDSU Georgia community, I congratulate you on this achievement! It was not an easy road, but you have managed to walk with strength and prowess, despite the drawbacks of the pandemic, you have created beautiful memories, and most importantly, acquired the knowledge that will see you through the rest of your career. This commencement day will be the first of many successful moments on your journey as Aztec and a part of the academic and research powerhouse with a 125-year history of excellence that is SDSU!

Halil Guven, Ph.D.

Dean, SDSU Georgia