Message from the Dean

In 2019, SDSU Georgia will have the first graduates in three STEM U.S. degree programs: Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Chemistry/Biochemistry. In June 2019 SDSU Georgia will have its first Commencement Ceremony, seeing off the first group of students with exceptional abilities and academic and professional qualifications to start their successful careers, or continue their graduate studies.

Given that one of the most important objectives of bringing SDSU’s STEM programs to Georgia was to target a critical shortage of STEM professionals educated to current international standards, SDSU Georgia is focused on making sure that the students who successfully graduate this year will have every opportunity to succeed.  

SDSU Georgia has established a Career Development Center to aid students with their career planning and search for employment, by providing them with an understanding of the workforce and help develop required skills for the job search and job needs.

SDSU Georgia is continuing capacity building at Georgian partner universities. Up to 4,000 square meters of classrooms and Engineering, Chemistry, and Computer labs at partner university facilities have been renovated and equipped according to current educational standards. We have also trained over 85 faculty members of partner universities that will continue teaching on ABET accredited programs in Georgia.

This year, SDSU Georgia will also receive its fifth cohort of students in STEM programs. These students will start their studies in a newly constructed building, in partnership with Ilia State University. The new building is equipped with state of the art Electrical, Computer, and Civil Engineering labs, covering a land plot of 1,115 square meters with four stories and approximately 4,000 square meters of class and lab space. 

This year is full of happy developments at SDSU Georgia, as we are saying goodbye to our very first cohort of fully groomed professionals and welcoming another group of students. As much as I am sad to see a big part of our SDSU Georgia family leave, I am proud and confident that as a result of our collective efforts for all these years, they are ready to move forward and greatly contribute to a very bright future for themselves and the country of Georgia. 

Leadership Starts Here at SDSU!