Message from the President

On behalf of our entire SDSU family, I want to first offer my heartfelt congratulations to our SDSU Georgia class of 2022 graduates! We are deeply proud of what you have accomplished, and the steadfast dedication and commitment that got you here.We have so much to celebrate! You have persisted and have been remarkably successful, and I cannot wait to hear about the careers you will each launch into.

Our graduates are a living reminder of the success we are achieving together, with an outstanding class of STEM professionals now ready for their next step. About 45% of this year’s graduating class are women, a remarkable step toward eliminating gender inequality. This summer, each of you — our fourth cohort of SDSU Georgia graduates, and the second to include civil and construction engineering graduates — will join a distinctive network of SDSU alumni in Georgia who are prepared to support sustainable development in the region.

We are not stopping here. SDSU Georgia is also building capacity at local state universities who have been successful in adopting the standard of education our university has brought to Georgia. We continue to expand opportunities that will produce exceptional leaders ready to tackle the greatest challenges in their communities and the world. In partnership with SDSU Global Campus, SDSU Georgia will continue to provide innovative education programs that transform lives locally and internationally.

Now, I want to speak directly to our graduates: Today you begin a journey, not without obstacles, but with the skills to navigate and help others reach their potential. With your SDSU Georgia diploma, you can walk boldly into places and spaces that need your curiosity, compassion, expertise, and courage to tackle the challenges ahead.

We are exceedingly proud of what you have accomplished, who you are becoming, and even more, who you will continue to become. I hope you will always consider San Diego State University as your home; you are a permanent part of this family. And as of today, you are part of the university’s global network of 500,000 living alumni. Know that your SDSU family loves you and wishes you continued success as you embark on your next adventure.

With pride and gratitude,
Adela de la Torre